I Wish I Believed This Sooner

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The only person standing in the way of you and what you want to accomplish is –


It sounds harsh, but when it boils right down to it, you know it’s the truth.  I know it’s the truth.  I’ve battled being the only person in my way for YEARS.  I’ve been insecure, unsure, pretended to be confident, I admit to being lazy, selfish, not selfish enough, and the silliest one, SCARED a whole lot of the time.

Arches National Park

It’s taken some beautiful, bizarre paths to get where I am now.  I trusted the path though, and  keep doing the work.  Everything happens for a reason, and it happens exactly when it is supposed to.


You have to put in the effort.

No effort = no progress.  Effort = Growth.

Will it be hard?  Yes.  Will it be worth it?  Yes.  Will it change you?  Only for the better.  Believe the people who believe in you.  Accept encouragement, constructive criticism, and always remember don’t sell yourself short.  Be smart, be savy.  Not sure how?  Admit it, ask questions, learn from others.  Take risks.

That’s all I’m doing right now, with this post on this blog.  I’m risking putting myself out there, because I believe my community is out there.  I’m done worrying about what people will think, and I’m done worrying if I will be ridiculed or made fun of for it.

Arches National Park

Instead, I’m asking myself these questions:

Does it feel right?  Do it.

Does it sound crazy to everyone except you? Do it anyway.

Does it make your heart pump? Definitely do it.

Do you believe in it?  Then you must do it.

What’s the worst that could happen?  What will you regret more?  Attempting and possibly failing, or never going after what your heart tells you to do?

Someone out there in the world believes in you.  I believe in you.

Go go that thing that makes you feel alive.


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