About Me

Hey, I’m Kaela!  I’m a nature lover, adventure seeker, road tripper, and storyteller.

You can find me on the road, in the backcountry, and chasing new experiences.  I’m really good at putting the essentials in a car or backpack and disappearing into the wilderness.  There’s something about the way travel expands my mind and opens my heart that I can’t get enough of.

I grew up in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and Connecticut.  During high school I hopped on a train and commuted from Connecticut to New York City everyday so I could study acting and directing at the Professional Performing Arts School.  I managed to stay put at the University of Connecticut for three years, but finished my last year of college in Portland, Oregon and got my B.A. in Theatre Studies with a Concentration in Directing.

Now I work in the outdoor industry and spend my free time exploring the country by car and foot, seeking out the stories that are painted in sunsets and heard on mountain tops.  I’m learning how to capture those moments with my camera, but first and foremost I tell stories.  Weaving images with words has become a passion of mine, and I am always ready for opportunities that will take me to new places, enable me to meet and work with new people, and fill me with laughter along the way.


Want to work on a project together?  Shoot me an email at kaela(at)mytentdoor(dot)com.


Photo by John Lloyd Photo.